Euro Sand Invest AB

Founded in 2002 by owner euro Sand Martin Olsson and has its headquarters in Henån on the island of Orust, in Sweden.
Since a few years back, the company has been divided in its areas of activity, and today, the company is organized in a parent company and two subsidiaries.
Each company has developed and specialized in respective activities.
Euro Sands business was started in 2002 with import of gypsum and stone wares and later sea sand to its own port in Gothenburg until 2008, when the harbour and sea sand operations were sold.

Since 2005, the company has an operation close to Åmål in Sweden, where crushing of rocks to special stone takes place. The stone is used in the first place in asphalt production, but also in the local market with investment in infrastructure such as wind farms, road and construction projects and railways are important markets for the company.

During the process of quarrying are minerals found in the quarry. Comprehensive drilling within the mining claimed area have been carried out which showed signs of abundant, for example copper and galena.

Within the group there is also a business that deals with trade of minerals to primarily the industry. Trade takes place in Northern Europe with the basis to/from Sweden, and with vessels.

A large network of producers, users and shipping is a prerequisite for a successful business.

Since 2007, the company is CE marked and holds the CE certification.
We are members of the Trade Organization SBMI, the Swedish rock materials industry.

We are members of the trade association SBMI, Sweden aggregates industry.​​​​​​​

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