Euro Sand Ryolit AB

The core business of the company is crushing and sorting of rocks, as well as the sale of special stone productes with very good qualities. All production take place in the own quarry located in Dalsland at Tösse in Åmål municipality. The rock in the quarry is a fine crystalline Rhyolite volcanic rock with very good strength properties, which among other applications is used as aggregate in the asphalt with high abrasion resistance and good adhesion. The stone is also especially suitable from an environmental point of view, because of their low proportion of quartz and issuance of PM10 dust, especially when using studded tires.

Macadam for construction of railways is another of the products that requires high quality of the stone material. The macadam from quarry is of a very high strength and is current to railways for high-speed trains.
The quarry's location close to Åmål Port with a cargo capacity of 4,000 dwt means low transportation costs for shipments to ports in Sweden and the rest of Northern Europe. Access to the loading facility in Åmål train station is an effective alternative to trucking, especially regarding materials for railway construction.

"Surveys made at VTI suggests that both the choice of tyres the choice of coating and sand quality is of great importance for how much respirable dust produced by wear and tear". 

We are one of the few in the country that can offer an AN5 ballast without having to cubize.


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